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We Couldn't Do It Without You!

SELECT still has over 17,000 active participants.  We thank you for continuing to provide updates to your health status.  We recently received funding to contact you again over the next several months for another health update.   The specimens you provided in the past, along with your health updates, continue to help us understand prostate cancer as well as other various men’s health issues.  We encourage you to check out the many publications that are listed In The News.  There are over 35 publications in scientific journals.  There are several more articles pending.

SWOG has a bank of blood, tissue and toenail samples from SELECT participants.  These samples came from the time participants joined the study as well as from some times after they started taking the study supplements.  This is a rich resource for researchers to conduct further studies.  An individual sample is only made available to researchers if the study participant gave his permission at the time he signed the consent form.  As the largest cancer prevention trial, SELECT has over 100,000 samples. These samples are available to researchers through a scientific review process.  Seven projects received approval in 2011, and 8 projects were approved in 2012.  More projects are in consideration for 2013.  It is hoped that making these samples widely available will continue to advance research.

For more information about blood or tissue banking, also called biospecimens or biorepositories, go to

Many of you also participated in the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT). Samples and data from PCPT participants are also available to researchers via the same review process.  PCPT was a SWOG study designed to test whether the drug finasteride (Proscar®) would prevent prostate cancer in men ages 55 and older.  The PCPT study was closed on June 24, 2003. The results of the study found a preventive benefit for the drug.  The results were initially published, The Influence of Finasteride on the Development of Prostate Cancer, July 17, 2003.  An update with long term survival results was just published, Long-Term Survival of Participants in the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial, August 15, 2013.

We no longer have a budget to mail the SELECT health questionnaire.  However, we have several ways for you to update your contact and health information:

1. Click on MySELECTData, and follow the instructions to update your contact and health information.
2. Don’t want to use a computer?  No problem.  Staff from the SELECT Coordinating Center or our research partner, Pacific Market Research, will call you if you have not updated your health information within the last three months.  The calls will take place between November 2013 and March 2014.

If you have had a change in your contact information or if you will be traveling for an extended time during these months, please Contact Us.  Thank you for your continued participation!

This page was last updated on 10/16/2013.